Charges against the Guardsman Security Contractor

Charges against the Guardsman Security Contractor


11Investigators have laid charges against the Guardsman Security Contractor, arrested in connection with the multi-million dollar cocaine bust in the western parish of St James on the weekend.

On Thursday, the police charged Owen Glaze, 53, and another man, Andrew Brown, 29. A third man, nabbed in the case, remains in custody, while the cops determine his fate.

The  men were arrested on Saturday when members of the Major Organised Crime and Anti Corruption Task Force, (MOCA) backed by police personnel from the Transnational Crime and Narcotics Division, and the military, intercepted a guardsman security vehicle, along the Mount Carey main road in the parish

They discovered 66 kilogrammes of cocaine, with a street value of J$264 million .

Glaze and Brown, who were in the vehicle, were subsequently taken into custody. A nine millimetre handgun, with 13 rounds, was also taken from Glaze.

A second vehicle, which was being used as a decoy, was  intercepted and the third suspect nabbed.

Guardsman Limited had since issued a statement, confirming that one of its vehicles was used to transport cocaine and made it clear, that it was not being investigated in connection with the find.

Glaze and Brown are booked to appear before the Montego Bay Criminal Court on May 2.


Source RJR News