Montego Bay Tour Guide Jamaica Panorama Tours

Montego Bay Tour Guide Jamaica Panorama Tours


Jamaican taxi driverJamaica’s Panorama Tours is a small private transportation and tour business started in the early nineties, geared at meeting the tourist every need as long as it is respectful and does not border on any type of prejudice.

We are delighted to share with you our little gem of an island better known to many as “Jam Rock”.

In the Caribbean, we are blessed with a wide array of attractions and hotels.Our people are our greatest capital and they are all ready to serve you from the minute you thought of’ idling a while’ with us until it is time for you to embark on a flight or board your ship for your other destination.In other words, real professional but friendly service is what we have on offer.Once you tried it you will definitely be hooked.

We at Jamaica’s Panorama Tours would like to welcome one and all to Jamaica.We want to thank you for making Jamaica your destination of choice.

“Jam Rock”, was discovered by the Spaniards with Columbus at the helm.He referred to the island, “as the fairest isle that eyes had ever seen”.That discovery was done in 1494 some five centuries have elapsed since then.However, little has changed in terms of its natural beauty, except for the fact that, we continue to grow on our natural and cultural heritage, the tourist industry, which encapsulate service and hospitality, our music industry, manufacturing, mining and agricultural industry.

Jamaica is occupied by approximately 3 million inhabitants, a far greater number than the mere 100,000 Tainos Indians who sparsely occupied the 4,411 sq miles of this island paradise when Columbus and his crew members first came.

The island is famous for its waterfalls, white sandy beaches, sunset, coffee, rum, reggae music, jerk spices, broad friendly smiles and athletes, even.

Jamaica’s Panorama Tours invite you down, up or over with great pleasure and glee to this our ‘special island’.So hop along, get on board and discover Jamaica in your own childlike, curious way.You will discover for yourself a country diverse in its flora and fauna, in its contours and land form, in its motto.Be a part of the contagious smile, enjoy a red stripe.Stick your toes in the powdery sand, no shirt, no problem.