Mother of Dead policeman in Hanover says Please cleared her sons name

Mother of Dead policeman in Hanover says Please cleared her sons name


K'Mar Beckford

THE mother of a policeman who was shot dead by a colleague wants his name cleared, as she is adamant that he is innocent of what he has been accused of.

Constable K’Mar Beckford, 25, was shot dead by a police inspector. Investigators were told that the off-duty Beckford had entered a bar in the seacoast town of Hopewell, Western Hanover, on the morning of April 4, and attempted to rob patrons at gunpoint.

The investigators were told that Beckford was shot dead in a firefight in which the inspector and a woman were injured.

Since the incident, which is being investigated by the Jamaica Constabulary Force, through the Inspectorate of the Constabulary, as well as the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM), reports have surfaced that initial information regarding the unfolding of events may have been inaccurate.

High-ranking members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, who were reluctant to be identified because of the nature of the investigations, have told the Jamaica Observer that the initial report has been challenged, and eyewitnesses have been providing information that Beckford was not robbing the bar as was earlier reported.

An INDECOM official, contacted by the Sunday Observer late Friday, also said that there were discrepancies in the reports that have been received so far, but also opted against giving this newspaper any additional information, saying that the investigations were “at a very, very delicate stage, and some things do not seem right”.

Via The Sunday Observer