Lucea Mayor Wynter McIntosh says Traffic Changes Coming

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Mayor of Lucea Wynter McIntosh says the Hanover Parish Council is taking steps to reduce traffic congestion in the town, particularly during peak hours.luceatown-logo-mobile

“With respect to the traffic congestion, preliminary discussions have been held with the NWA (National Works Agency),” the mayor told Western Focus in an interview last week. “We want to look at the delivery hours for the town, and I think it was the deputy (mayor) that indicated that it should have been between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays; and on Fridays – no deliveries.”

“In looking forward, too, I think with the exception of those establishments with ample parking, we should put either paid parking along Main Street, or no parking at all. And I think I am opting for the latter – no parking along that street. I want to see the day when that street is blocked off from vehicular traffic. So it is just a business street,” he added.

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TVJ- RJR team involved in Accident

It is reported that the RJR team was proceeding eastward after  passing through  the Vineyards  toll  plaza, when on reaching the vicinity of the turn-off to Spanish Town, the vehicle ran off the road.

The  team members were taken to the Spanish Town Hospital, where one  person underwent emergency surgery.   Some members  suffered fractures  and  are being  scanned  to ascertain the extent of their injuries.

Managing Director  at the RJR Communications Group, Mr. Gary Allen, told JIS News that while there are serious  injuries, they are not life threatening at this time.

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Time Square Driver drove into the Crowd killing a Girl

A crazed man plowed into a crowd of pedestrians in Times Square in New York City Thursday.

One person was killed and at least 20 were injured. The suspect, Richard Rojas63 of the Bronx, has a history of driving under the influence, police said—although he blew a 0.0 during an alcohol screening. Drug tests were underway and officials believe he was under the influence of synthetic marijuana, or ‘K2.’

Rojas drove the maroon 2009 Honda Accord into pedestrians in Times Square after having jumped the sidewalk on the west side of Seventh Avenue at 42nd Street, continuing for three blocks before crashing at the northwest corner of 45th Street and Broadway.

As he attempted to flee from his car, police tackled him and took him into custody.DAIQElFXcAAJ2oY

Carson: 'I was held-up at gun point'

GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson recounted Wednesday a story about being held at gunpoint, amid backlash over comments he made about the Oregon community college shooting in which he suggested victims of the shooting could have done more to fight back.
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Rubio blasts Xi on human rights

U.S. Senator and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio has blasted the human rights record of Chinese leader Xi Jinping.
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Cruise ship captains pick their favorite views

The captains of one cruise line’s 23 ships share their favorite ports to sail into into.
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8 yr-old girl killed over puppy

A little girl killed, allegedly because of a puppy.
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